Heavy series of portholes for superyacht. In stainless steel polished, satin, blasted; in aluminum painted; carbon; openable and fixed; more than 1000 standard types, always customizable in shape and dimension up to 2500x900mm;  deadlight in stainless steel, aluminum, carbon.

Available accessories as: spigots, hook for deadlight, position sensors, fast releasing system and more.

Winches, Captive Winches up to 25 ton.

Rinvii scotta, Attacchi scotta, blocco scotta, bozzelli, multiscotta.

Electrical rotating SUNBED, solar tracking in auto mode, most required features: backrest, watermist, led lights, sound system.

Interfaceable with Crestron / Lutron and controllable by smartphone.

Aluminum and/or Stainless Steel 316L Doors, classic hinges or pantograph; security closing system mechanical or electronic; opening and closing mechanical or electrical; windscreen or watertight and fire-door.

Sliding doors metal or glass, frame in stainless steel or just glass. Opening /closing manual or electrical. Flat or curved, windscreen  and watertight.

Windows in stainless steel,  classic hinges;  security closing system: mechanical; opening and closing: mechanical or electrical; watertight and fire-window.

Sliding windows UP–DOWN, frame in stainless steel or just glass. Opening /closing manual or electrical. Flat or curved, watertight.

Hatches in stainless steel or aluminum: metal panel or glass; Opening /closing manual or electrical, safety lock remoted on wheelhouse’s dashboard.

Lifter unit to parkc one or more jetski or tender in the footprint of one. Stainless steel structure, electrical run, translational carts manual use with safety lock position.

Lifter unit for TV or Monitor (check or wheelhouse); various version running in vertical, horizontal, or sliding along a defined path.

Extendable Tables, in highness and width; hydraulic or electric mechanical run.

Handles for door and hatches, universal locks.

Drawing and production of parts for industrial machinery for various sectors.